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Record 2379   view: standard glossary  histcite guide author(s): abe t; tada m; shinohara n; okada f; itoh t; hamada ji; harabayashi t; chen qz; moriuchi t; nonomura k title: establishment and characterization of human urothelial cancer xenografts in severe combined immunodeficient mice source: international journal of urology 13 (1): 47-57 date: 2006 jan document type: journal : article doi:   language: english lcr: 1   cr: 22   lcs: 1   gcs: 1 comment:   address: hokkaido univ, grad sch med, dept urol, sapporo, hokkaido 0608638, japan. viagra online cheap generic viagra Hokkaido univ, inst med genet, div canc related genes, sapporo, hokkaido 0608638, japan. viagra prices in mexico Hokkaido univ hosp, sapporo, hokkaido 060, japan. patent expiration for viagra buy cheap viagra no prescription Reprint: abe, t, hokkaido univ, grad sch med, dept urol, n-15,w-7,n ward, sapporo, hokkaido 0608638, japan. female viagra gel E-mail: takataka@rf6. order viagra online overnight So-net. viagra gel for sale Ne. purchase generic viagra online Jp author keywords: severe combined immunodeficient (scid) mice; urothelial carcinoma; xenograft keywords plus: transitional-cell-carcinoma; human bladder-cancer; p53; growth; expression; apoptosis; models; gene abstract: aim: to establish and characterize a murine xenograft model of human urothelial cancer in severe combined immunodeficient (scid) mice for therapeutic simulation. order viagra cheap Methods: pieces of 30 freshly resected urothelial tumors (24 obtained from bladder and 6 from ureter or pelvis) were implanted subcutaneously into scid mice, and xenograft tumors were passed in tumorigenic cases. At each passage, histopathology, tp53 mutational status assessed by yeast p53 functional assay, and the ki-67 labeling index (li) were examined to evaluate the preservation of original features. cheap viagra for sale A growth delay assay after single-dose irradiation was performed in four representative xenografts. viagra over the counter 2009 Results: tumor growth was observed in 18 mice (60%, 18/30). Woman viagra opera commercial Histologically, 15 of the 18 were epithelial carcinomas similar to the original tumors, whereas the other 3 were epstein-barr virus-associated lymphoproliferative disease, resulting in a 50% (15/30) take rate. viagra women dose doc No correlation was found between the tumor take rate and the clinicopathologic features, tp53 mutational status, or ki-67 li of the patients' tumors. viagra women dose doc Of these 15 xenografts, 11 xenografts were passed from 3 to 10 generations. Old man viagra jokes Tp53 mutational status remained stable during the passages, and the ki-67 li of eight xenografts was within a range of 50% of the li of the original tumors, although the other three. cheap viagra online generic viagra online
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